Hi! I’m Lawrence, a PhD student at the University of Southampton, and all-round audio enthusiast. Many of the older posts on this blog come from my time working for the now defunct Solent Acoustics, a subsidiary of Solent University, Southampton, so you may see a few links back to the use of their equipment, and the collaborators on some of the posts that also worked at the university.

I am currently developing a temperature monitoring system for jet engine components (nozzle guide vanes) using ultrasound, specifically investigating the temperature dependence of Lamb wave modes, and suitable transducer configurations for installation within a jet engine. Please check out some of my publications if you’re interested.

I graduated from Southampton Solent University in 2013 with a BSc in Live and Studio Sound. I then joined the university as a Graduate Associate in Broadcast and Cinema Sound, and subsequently became a Research Assistant in Acoustics as part of Solent Acoustics. 

As part of that role I undertook consultancy tasks such as the noise and vibration measurement of car parts, medical devices, and headsets. I also delivered practical sessions to both undergraduate, masters, and short-course students in the areas of acoustics and electro-acoustics as an Associate Lecturer.

I hold an MSc in Applied Acoustics, the Institute of Acoustics Diploma in Acoustics and Noise Control, and a BSA (British Society of Audiology) Certificate in aural impression-taking.

I have a growing interest in cartography, which stems from a fascination for visiting new places, as well as my love for GeoGuessr! I’m eager to learn more, but for now you can check out a few of my blog posts on using R/QGIS for geospatial stuff, as well as the range of sources that got me started.

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Comments (4):

  1. Saurabh

    19 April 2022 at 12:15 pm

    Hi Yule
    Excited by your work , i have a query on how to plot two wave files in one window. I hope you can help me.

    • Lawrence Yule

      19 April 2022 at 11:24 pm

      I’m sure I can help, what software are you using?

  2. Allen

    17 July 2023 at 9:23 am

    Hi Yule, I learned a lot from the 2D-FFT code you shared and thanks a lot!

    I am a new beginner in COMSOL, I have made a simple model of an acoustic wave time-domain study and a frequency-domain study and simulated them using the same sources and same boundary conditions, I want to match the results of the time-domain study using the FFT with the frequency-domain study, however, I still can’t do it even though I’ve been spending almost a month on it, can you help me with this please?

    • Lawrence Yule

      23 August 2023 at 10:48 am

      Hi Allen, apologies for the slow reply! I am happy to help, perhaps you could share your models with me and I’ll take a look?


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