Hi! I’m Lawrence, a PhD student at the University of Southampton, and all-round audio enthusiast. Many of the older posts on this blog come from my time working for the now defunct Solent Acoustics, a subsidiary of Solent University, Southampton, so you may see a few links back to the use of their equipment, and the collaborators on some of the posts that also worked at the university.

I am currently developing a temperature monitoring system for jet engine components (nozzle guide vanes) using ultrasound, specifically investigating the temperature dependence of Lamb wave modes, and suitable transducer configurations for installation within a jet engine. Please check out some of my publications if you’re interested.

I graduated from Southampton Solent University in 2013 with a BSc in Live and Studio Sound. I then joined the university as a Graduate Associate in Broadcast and Cinema Sound, and subsequently became a Research Assistant in Acoustics as part of Solent Acoustics. 

As part of that role I undertook consultancy tasks such as the noise and vibration measurement of car parts, medical devices, and headsets. I also delivered practical sessions to both undergraduate, masters, and short-course students in the areas of acoustics and electro-acoustics as an Associate Lecturer.

I hold an MSc in Applied Acoustics, the Institute of Acoustics Diploma in Acoustics and Noise Control, and a BSA (British Society of Audiology) Certificate in aural impression-taking.

I have a growing interest in cartography, which stems from a fascination for visiting new places, as well as my love for GeoGuessr! I’m eager to learn more, but for now you can check out a few of my blog posts on using R/QGIS for geospatial stuff, as well as the range of sources that got me started.

Had a blast at @ATGFestival, 2023 can’t come soon enough. Moar laserz plox @tesseractband. Highlight was @paranoid_void, you’re incredible ♥️


For all you map loving android users out there, check out Cartogram. It lets you use stylised maps that change with your location as wallpapers.

Unknown Pleasures style “Joy plot” of the Isle of Wight. Thanks @helenmakesmaps for the very helpful tutorial!

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  1. Saurabh

    19 April 2022 at 12:15 pm

    Hi Yule
    Excited by your work , i have a query on how to plot two wave files in one window. I hope you can help me.

    • Lawrence Yule

      19 April 2022 at 11:24 pm

      I’m sure I can help, what software are you using?


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